Windows 10 Upgrade – You should have a choice

It seems that Microsoft have moved their Windows 10 upgrade from an optional upgrade to a recommended upgrade.  This means that if your system is set to run Windows updates automatically you will eventually find Microsoft is upgrading your system to Windows 10.  Now under some circumstances, this may be a good thing, for example if you’re running Window 8 or 8.1 then the move to 10 is a good idea since 8 was a bit of a flop, however if your happy with your Windows 7 installation this will be a very unwelcome addition.  Even if you catch the upgrade before it messes everything up, it’s not obvious as to how to stop it, apparently there is a decline button, but it’s hidden behind the “More Info” button.

In short, I think what Microsoft are doing is illegal but they have probably consulted an army of lawyers and have loop holes to avoid being sued over this.

For the meantime, or at least until the free upgrade period is over (29th July 2016), the only way to avoid being under Microsoft’s draconian thumb is to change from automatic updates to manual and review all recommended updates presented to you.

If you need any help or have already been bitten by Microsoft’s pushy practice, please contact me for advice on how to either revert to your original operating system, how to live with Windows 10 or to avoid it all together.

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