Access your media anywhere

I mentioned media streaming in one of my previous blogs, but suppose you have a lot of your own media, like movies, TV shows, music and even your photo library, and you would like to be able to access them whenever or where ever you are.

I’ve had a Plex Media Server (PMS) up and running for some time now and although I tend to swap around through services for media (Spotify being one of my favourites at the moment) I still keep my Plex server running.  Once set up on your computer (PC, MAC, Linux even FreeBSD even most modern NAS) the PMS can stream and organise all of your media to almost ANY device; Android, iOS, some smart TVs have Plex clients built-in and there are also downloadable apps for Xbox One and PS4 . Using the client on your device this can then also easily be cast to your TV using Chromecast or Apple TV.

You don’t even have to worry about organising your media, all you have to do is tell PMS which folders contain your media and it will automatically organise it providing additional information and thumbnails (including external links to associated media)

So if you like to get all of your movies and music etc. playing around the house or even while you’re away on business or holiday, Contact Edmonds Solution so we can assess your needs and provide a solution that will take the hassle out of finding something to play.

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