Access your media anywhere

I mentioned media streaming in one of my previous blogs, but suppose you have a lot of your own media, like movies, TV shows, music and even your photo library, and you would like to be able to access them whenever or where ever you are.

I’ve had a Plex Media Server (PMS) up and running for some time now and although I tend to swap around through services for media (Spotify being one of my favourites at the moment) I still keep my Plex server running.  Once set up on your computer (PC, MAC, Linux even FreeBSD even most modern NAS) the PMS can stream and organise all of your media to almost ANY device; Android, iOS, some smart TVs have Plex clients built-in and there are also downloadable apps for Xbox One and PS4 . Using the client on your device this can then also easily be cast to your TV using Chromecast or Apple TV.

You don’t even have to worry about organising your media, all you have to do is tell PMS which folders contain your media and it will automatically organise it providing additional information and thumbnails (including external links to associated media)

So if you like to get all of your movies and music etc. playing around the house or even while you’re away on business or holiday, Contact Edmonds Solution so we can assess your needs and provide a solution that will take the hassle out of finding something to play.

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Windows 10 Upgrade – You should have a choice

It seems that Microsoft have moved their Windows 10 upgrade from an optional upgrade to a recommended upgrade.  This means that if your system is set to run Windows updates automatically you will eventually find Microsoft is upgrading your system to Windows 10.  Now under some circumstances, this may be a good thing, for example if you’re running Window 8 or 8.1 then the move to 10 is a good idea since 8 was a bit of a flop, however if your happy with your Windows 7 installation this will be a very unwelcome addition.  Even if you catch the upgrade before it messes everything up, it’s not obvious as to how to stop it, apparently there is a decline button, but it’s hidden behind the “More Info” button.

In short, I think what Microsoft are doing is illegal but they have probably consulted an army of lawyers and have loop holes to avoid being sued over this.

For the meantime, or at least until the free upgrade period is over (29th July 2016), the only way to avoid being under Microsoft’s draconian thumb is to change from automatic updates to manual and review all recommended updates presented to you.

If you need any help or have already been bitten by Microsoft’s pushy practice, please contact me for advice on how to either revert to your original operating system, how to live with Windows 10 or to avoid it all together.

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Streaming Media

Streaming movies and your favourite TV shows is becoming the new norm in home entertainment.  Services like Netflix and Stan are rising in popularity all the time, and with broadband getting faster and data allowances growing all the time, isn’t it about time you got in on this new media sensation?

Edmonds Solution can help you with setting up your streaming capabilities, not just on your handheld devices, but with casting that to your TVs and home entertainment equipment. We can even make your own media (movies, tv shows even photos) available to watch both at home and when you’re out and about.

Call Matt at Edmonds Solution to find out how to join the new Media Revolution ……

0415 188 463

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Computer Security

Since we use our computers these days for all sorts of communications and transactions of one kind or another, it is paramount that this information is kept secure. Unfortunately it’s not just the virus infections we have to worry about these days; there are Trojans, spy-ware, ad-ware and spam to name but a few. Luckily there are products out there to protect us from these nasty intrusions.

Edmonds Solution can implement and install the latest security options such as hard and software firewalls, Anti virus products to suit the clients needs, even software applications to deal with Spam and Spy-ware. We can also consult on higher level security issues where there are multiple users on a network where sensitive/confidential information is stored.

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Computer Repairs

With computers it is not just the hardware that can go wrong and need repairing, in a lot of cases there’s a problem with the software that actually runs the computer itself, this can become corrupt/damaged sometimes or even just out of date and need repairing or updating, this is why it is essential to keep all CDs that come with your computer and associated software and regularly back up essential documents and data.

Unfortunately hardware is also prone to deterioration and in time can fail. In most cases it tends to fail over a period of time and displays symptomatic problems. Computer components are easier and cheaper to replace than repair these days.

You will find a regular check up by Edmonds Solution will keep your machine running in tip top condition and will identify any possible future problems.

Call us today on 0415 188 463 to arrange an on going check up schedule.

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Computer Networking

All new computers these days come with a network (Ethernet) adapter already installed. Operating systems such as windows and the mac os have always had networking capability built in, making it quite a simple process to allow two or more computers to communicate with each other.

It is now becoming more and more common for households to have two or more computers and with the increased uptake of broadband internet, people are wanting multiple computers to access the same connection.

This is one of Edmonds Solution’s busiest fields and regularly implement home and small office networks, including:

  • switches routers file and print servers
  • and most commonly Wireless Routers and networking.

The most common method of setting up a network these days is to use a router. A router is a standalone piece of hardware that multiple computers can connect to using network/Ethernet cable, often known as CAT5. The router in turn can then handle your broadband connection issuing you username and password (where needed) to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sharing the internet connection to the connected computers. This means that any computer can then access the internet independently of any other computer and as an added benefit the router acts as a firewall and in some cases has additional software to prevent intrusions and external attacks on your computers.

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Computer Upgrades

Due to the advancements in PC technology most software companies have had to keep up. This means that the latest essential Anti-virus, media player software or even just surfing the web is orientated towards faster more powerful computers.

Luckily the price of hardware has dropped considerably in the last couple of years making it possible to upgrade your current PC to latest standards on a tight budget.

In most cases it is even possible to use some of your existing hardware e.g. monitor, mouse/keyboard and of course internal hardware such as CD-Rom drives, hard disks and modems etc.

For typical upgrade packages and prices please call us on 0415 188 463

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