Computer Networking

All new computers these days come with a network (Ethernet) adapter already installed. Operating systems such as windows and the mac os have always had networking capability built in, making it quite a simple process to allow two or more computers to communicate with each other.

It is now becoming more and more common for households to have two or more computers and with the increased uptake of broadband internet, people are wanting multiple computers to access the same connection.

This is one of Edmonds Solution’s busiest fields and regularly implement home and small office networks, including:

  • switches routers file and print servers
  • and most commonly Wireless Routers and networking.

The most common method of setting up a network these days is to use a router. A router is a standalone piece of hardware that multiple computers can connect to using network/Ethernet cable, often known as CAT5. The router in turn can then handle your broadband connection issuing you username and password (where needed) to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sharing the internet connection to the connected computers. This means that any computer can then access the internet independently of any other computer and as an added benefit the router acts as a firewall and in some cases has additional software to prevent intrusions and external attacks on your computers.